Preschool Curriculum Kit

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The Ultimate Preschool Curriculum Kit CD with Printable Workbooks and Lesson Plans.

2 Years of lesson plans
Curriculum A or B – Each curriculum is a complete 10 Month Preschool Program
Printable circle time posters for each letter, number, shape, and color
Ideal for daycare, preschool or childcare center
Letter recognition & phonics
Number recognition and math concepts
Shapes, colors, arts and crafts
Movement games
Fine motor and sensory activities
Easy to follow
Great for advanced toddlers and preschoolers
Complete daily lesson plan for home schooling
Over 900 pages of printable content.

All content contained on a single CD

This program is designed for children ages 3-5 for use in a childcare, preschool, or homeschool environment. Each of the two curricula (A & B) are divided into 10 months, each with 20 days. Each curriculum is unique. This gives a full two years of preschool lesson plans. Curriculum A teaches letters in the standard alphabetical sequence. Curriculum B teaches letters using a Montessori approach where the most common letters are taught first.

You may start any month at any time. Seasonal and holiday lesson plans are separate and can be found at the end of Curriculum A.

Daily lesson plans are easy to follow and implement. This program is designed to fit into the schedule of your own program, requires minimal preparation and encourages learning through a variety of methods. Materials needed are simple and low-cost. Most daily lesson plans include 1-2 songs, circle time activities, a movement activity, sensory activity, craft ideas and a printable worksheet.

This program is provided in CD format so you can print one or as many copies as you need.

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Mar 2023
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About Preschool Palace

* 10 Month Preschool Program (2 options:  Program A or Program B)
* 200 daily preschool lesson plans
* 200 preschool printable worksheets
* printable circle time posters for each letter, number, shape, and color
* ideal for home daycare or preschool center
* letter recognition & phonics
* number recognition & math concepts
* shapes
* colors
* arts & crafts
* movement games
* fine motor and sensory activities
* dramatic play area ideas
* easy to follow

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