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No Red Ink is on a mission to build better writers. 

Authentic Assessments
Noredink students can rearrange sentences, edit and mark up text, organize ideas into outlines, and manipulate multi-paragraph passages.

Unlimited, Adaptive Practice
Our engine differentiates instruction to meet each student's needs and to support learners when they get stuck.

Personalized, High-Interest Content
We generate every exercise from students' favorite celebrities, friends, and interests, making the content fun and relevant.

Topics include:

  • Active and Passive Voice
  • Adjectives, Nouns, Adverbs
  • Appositive Phrases
  • Building Compound and Complex Sentences
  • Choosing Conjunctions
  • Commas and other Punctuation
  • Commonly Confused Words
  • Providing Strong Context for Evidence

And much, much more.

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Mar 2023
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About NoRedInk

NoRedInk builds stronger writers through interest-based curriculum, adaptive exercises, and actionable data.

High-interest content
Students often find grammar boring because the content doesn’t relate to them. That’s why we generate questions from each student’s favorite celebrities, hobbies, TV shows, and friends. Imagine taking a quiz where your best friend’s name keeps popping up! It’s no surprise that students are engaged quickly.

Authentic assessments
We believe that “playing with language” is an essential part of learning to write. That’s why we have students drag in commas, click words to capitalize them, throw out unwanted punctuation, and edit parts of sentences directly whenever possible. We also design exercises that have multiple correct answers, as there’s more than one way to write a sentence.

Blended learning
We are adamant that teachers need the resources to help each student at the appropriate level – and that learners should be able to work at their own pace. Our site allows students to practice independently so that teachers can differentiate instruction based on results.

Adaptive technology
One benefit of technology is the ability to adjust questions based on what students get right or wrong, drilling down to their underlying misconceptions. When learners get stuck, we show them tutorials that help them correct their mistakes and keep going.

Unlimited practice
All educators know that it takes a long time for students to fully grasp new skills. Our site allows learners unlimited practice so that we can free up teachers’ time to focus on big-picture issues in students’ writing.

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