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A physical science student lab station in a well-packaged portable container designed for non-conventional lab situations such as home schooling, or any situation that calls for an uncompromised lab experience with or without the presence of an experienced lab teacher and without the need for a traditional lab facility. Kit offers a complete lab course with virtually everything necessary to perform 34 physical science experiments (other than some common household items). Each lab includes step-by-step instructions. Kit is designed to make preparation, safety, and cleanup easy. The chemistry portions of the kit are based on the Microscale method, which uses about 1/100th of the chemicals a typical lab would consume. Chemical reagents come in dropper bottles and do not require any mixing or further preparation. To aid in lab safety, the kit contains no concentrated acids or bases, and the provided equipment is plastic whenever possible. The kit contains 11 chemicals, 55 different types of equipment, a manual, and a teacher’s answer guide. Allow extra delivery time.

34 lab experiments include:

1. Scientific Investigation

2. Separating Sand and Salt from a Mixture

3. Metric Measurements

4. Density

5. Motion

6. Newton’s Second Law

7. Friction

8. Impulse and Momentum

9. Energy

10. Work and Power

11. A Lever: A Simple Machine

12. Pulleys

13. Weight of a Car

14. Buoyancy

15. Thermal Energy and Diffusion

16. Electrostatics

17. Electrical Circuits

18. Magnetism

19. Waves

20. Musical Instruments

21. Visible Light Spectrum

22. Plane Mirrors and Mirror Applications

23. Convex Lenses

24. Length of a Molecule and Avogadro’s Number

25. Nuclear Decay Simulation

26. Percentage of Oxygen in Air

27. Qualitative Analysis

28. Chemical Reaction

29. Electrolysis of Water

30. Parts Per Million

31. Solution Concentrates

32. Freezing Point Depression

33. Acids, Bases, and Indicators

34. Comparing Antacids by Titration

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Mar 2023
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