My Brain is Bigger Than Yours - The Truth About Dyslexia


Jul 2022

What is dyslexia? Could I be dyslexic? How can I help a dyslexic? "My Brain is Bigger than Yours" is a short research-based book that helps you understand what dyslexia is, recognize warning its signs, and learn great tips for helping dyslexics. About 1/5 of the population struggles with dyslexia, and most books on the topic can be very hard to understand and take a lot of time to read through. This book blends research with personal experience to share a treasure trove of practical, easy-to-read information. Not only is this book packed with great facts, it also chronicles an amazing success story. You are invited along on the educational and life journeys of three dyslexic kids and their dyslexic mom as they battle to succeed in both life and academics, from childhood to adulthood. This is a perfect book for parents, teachers, children, and anyone who is interested in dyslexia.


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