Monitoring Systems and Services with Prometheus (LFS241)

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This course leads new Prometheus users through many of its major features, best practices, and use cases. It covers aspects including setting up and using Prometheus,monitoring components and services, querying, alerting, using Prometheus with Kubernetes and more.

Course outline:

  • Chapter 1. Course Introduction
  • Chapter 2. Introduction to Systems and Service Monitoring
  • Chapter 3. Introduction to Prometheus
  • Chapter 4. Installing and Setting Up Prometheus
  • Chapter 5. Basic Querying
  • Chapter 6. Dashboarding
  • Chapter 7. Monitoring Host Metrics
  • Chapter 8. Monitoring Container Metrics
  • Chapter 9. Instrumenting Code
  • Chapter 10. Building Exporters
  • Chapter 11. Advanced Querying
  • Chapter 12. Relabeling
  • Chapter 13. Service Discovery
  • Chapter 14. Blackbox Monitoring
  • Chapter 15. Pushing Data
  • Chapter 16. Alerting
  • Chapter 17. Making Prometheus Highly Available
  • Chapter 18. Recording Rules
  • Chapter 19. Scaling Prometheus Deployments
  • Chapter 20. Prometheus and Kubernetes
  • Chapter 21. Local Storage
  • Chapter 22. Remote Storage Integrations
  • Chapter 23. Transitioning From and Integrating with Other Monitoring Systems
  • Chapter 24. Monitoring and Debugging Prometheus

This course is designed for technology professionals who have basic experience with Linux/Unix system administration, as well as some development experience in Go and/or Python.

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Aug 2022
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