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Join Professor Vincent Selhorst-Jones in your preparation to grasp a solid foundation in Math Analysis so you can excel in Calculus and beyond.
Duration: 58 hours, 54 minutes

Number of Lessons: 89

Professor Vincent Selhorst-Jones will make sure you understand every concept and reinforce what you learned through many examples. Schools have different names for this course such as Precalculus and Algebra 3, however, the concepts are the same and will provide you the background for anything you might encounter afterwards.

Additional Features:

Free Sample Lessons
Closed Captioning (CC)
Downloadable Lecture Slides
Study Guides
Instructor Comments

Topics Include:

Variables, Equations & Algebra
Properties of Functions
Roots of Polynomials
Rational Functions
Exponential & Logarithmic Functions
Trigonometric Functions
Law of Sines & Cosines
Vectors & Matrices
Parametric Equations
Conic Sections
Calculus Preview

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Jul 2022
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