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Oct 2021

Kit includes all nine 3rd Grade activities with all materials needed, individually packed for 1 student, lesson plans and worksheets for the “best value” price of $125. All Materials are furnished and separately packaged for each activity

1. Drip Drop (Properties of Liquids) – Physical Science Use the Scientific Method to observe characteristics of a drop of water.

2. Falling Bodies (Gravity) – Physical Science Investigate laws of gravity with balls of clay to recognize various forms of energy.

3. Lemon Fizz (Properties of Matter) – Physical Science Experience a chemical change and discover new properties of matter by mixing powders and liquids.

4. Sun, Moon and Earth Models – Earth Science Models the motions of the sun, moon and earth.

5. Life Cycle of the Butterfly (Group Activity) – Life Science Study the life and characteristics of a butterfly.

6. Earthly Changes (Physical Changes in Earth’s Crust) – Earth Science Observe simulated rock changes affected by plant growth.

7. Electric Pathways (Electricity: Conductors/Non-Conductors) – Physical Science Investigate conductors and non-conductors. Discover light and electricity as energy forms.

8. Birds’ Breakfast (Birds’ Beaks) – Life Science Identify bird adaptation while testing suitable foods for shapes of beaks.

9. Volcanoes – Earth Science Observe the actions of a volcano.

10. Spin a Spool – Physical Science Construct a “spool machine” to demonstrate stored energy.

11. Soil Samples – Earth Science Collect and analyze soil samples.

12. How Does Your Garden Grow? – Life Science Analyze plant growth in sun and shade and determine biomass.

13. Mystery Powders (Teacher Demonstration) -Physical Science Analyze six unknown powders to determine identitiy through chemical and physical properties.


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