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Oct 2021

Kit includes thirteen 6th Grade activities with all materials needed, individually packed for 1 student, lesson plans and worksheets for the “best value” price of $85. All Materials are furnished and separately packaged for each activity.

Scientific Method – Physical Science
Learn the importance of using the scientific method.

Discovery Scope (Field Trip Microscopes) – Life/Earth Science
Cooperative Learning Activity – Groups of Two. Use a 10x existing light microscope to view the world of living and non-living things.

Microhabitat – Life Science
Analyze the visible spectrum. Investigate the characteristics of waves.

Light Waves – Physical/Life Science
Investigate the properties of light waves and construct a camera. Identify parts and functions of the eye.

Sound Energy – Physical/Life Science
Discover the properties of sound waves. Study relationship of sound and structure of the human ear.

Mixtrues and Solutions – Physical Science
Discover the meaning of the terms: dispersion, emulsifier, stabilizer, and PPM (Parts per Million) through experimentation.

Meteorology – Earth Science
Construct and experiment with weather instruments to measure atmospheric conditions. Identify different kinds of clouds.

Aerodynamics/Flight – Physical Science
Determine factors affecting flight. Experiment with Bernoulii’s Principle. Construct a kite and an airplane.

Oceanography – Earth Science
Study ocean floor mapping and currents.

Desalinition – Earth Science
Construct a model of a solar still to change salt water to fresh water. Awareness of the ecology of fresh water.

Solar Energy/Renewable Resources – Physical/Earth Science
Develop an understanding of solar thermal energy by constructing a solar cooker.

Genetics and Heredity – Life Science
Cooperative Learning Activity – Groups of Two. Understand basic genetics.


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