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Oct 2021

Kit includes thirteen 4th Grade activities with all materials needed, individually packed for 1 student, lesson plans and worksheets for the “best value” price of $85. All Materials are furnished and separately packaged for each activity.

Creatures and Critters – Life Science
Observe characteristics of animals. Construct a habitat for a critter.

For the Life of Plants – Life Science
Build a model of a plant cell. Learn the functions of the parts of a flower.

A Wise Old Owl – Life Science
Investigate an owl pellet and understand the owl’s place in the food web. Understand predator/prey; skeletal system of mammals.

Oil and Spoiled – Environmental Science Develop a plan for cleaning up an oil spill.

Bodies In Space – Earth Science
Construct a scale model of the solar system.

Molecules On the Move – Physical Science
Observe separation of colors due to capillary action.

Weather Instruments – Earth Science
Build a hygromerter; anemometer; and a weather vane to study conditions of various weather patterns

Electric Switch and Electromagnet – Physical Science
Observe the conversion of energy forms while building a simple circuit and electromagnet.

Images and Reflections – Physical Science
Observe the behavior of light and explore properties of light in a student-built kaleidoscope.

Fantastic Fossils – Earth Science
Make mold and cast fossils. Recognize the history of our planet through fossils.

A Hearty Recipe – Life Science
Make a model of the components of blood.

Amazing Gravity – Physical Science
Discover the center of gravity through the antics of a student built toy.


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