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Oct 2021

Kit includes thirteen 5th Grade activities with all materials needed, individually packed for 1 student, lesson plans and worksheets for the “best value” price of $85. All Materials are furnished and separately packaged for each activity.

Biome in a Box – Life/Earth Science
Identify and construct a model of a biome.

Pollution Shake – Life/Earth Science
Simulate the natural cleaning process of wetlands.

Deep in Density – Physical Science
Build a hydrometer to test the density of liquids.

Crystals in a Garden – Earth Science
Observe the formation of crystals.

Members of the Atom Family – Physical Science
Construct models of hydrogen and oxygen atoms. Study of Periodic Table.

A Never-Ending Cycle – Physical Science
Investigate a chemical and physical change to better understand air and water cycles.

Water Can Be a Gas – Physical Science
Discover how an electric current is used to bring about a chemical change.

Motoring in Motion – Physical Science
Construct a simple motor. Convert different forms of energy.

Work Made Easier – Physical Science
Build simple machines: a gravity meter, lever and pulley.

Startin and Stoppin – Physical Science
Investigate the forces of inertia, gravity, and friction. Newton’s Laws of Motion.

Take a Breather! – Life Science
Build a simple model of the respiratory system.

Be a Stargazer – Earth Science
Learn about the motions of bodies in space by assembling models of a sundial, constellation viewer and an astrolab.


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