Fluenz German


Jul 2022

German 1 has been designed to prepare you for the most important and common situations you'll face in the German-speaking world. At the same time, you'll develop a strong foundation in how the language actually works, allowing you to go beyond simple stock phrases to actually building sentences yourself. This is a serious introduction to the language.

Right from the start, you'll begin working with powerful structures and key vocabulary so that you can build useful German sentences. After only a few sessions, you'll already be having meaningful interactions in a restaurant, and soon you'll be shopping, making plans with friends, getting around a city, going out for entertainment, and making travel arrangements with confidence.

You'll build upon these skills through practice with key verbs, nouns and adjectives, so that you can express your needs and desires in diverse situations with considerable detail. As you learn how to use all the articles in the different « cases », depending on their function in the phrase, you'll dive into a brand new world of shape-shifting nouns, adjectives and pronouns, as well as meaningful displaceable particles, turning some verbs into others…and that’s just the beginning of your trip into the beautiful logic of the German language.


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