Oct 2021

Give your kids instant, unlimited access to more than 35,000, high-quality and popular children’s books, learning videos, teacher-created quizzes, and more

Personalized Recommendation Based on your Child’s Interests
Epic! learns your child’s preferences and recommends content that is aligned with their reading level and interests, so they spend more time learning and less time browsing or searching.

Epic! is currently used in over 87% of US elementary schools. Our vast community of teachers and librarians have created thousands of amazing content collections on a variety of subjects and interests for you and your child to explore.

Inspire your child’s curiosity. Hundreds of high-quality books, audiobooks, learning videos and quizzes are added every week to our constantly growing library.

Studies show self-directed learning helps foster a love of reading and learning in children. This is why Epic! is specifically designed to help encourage kids to discover and explore their personal interests.

Set your kids up for future success and grow their confidence in nonfiction subjects, including Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics — which feature learning content aligned with Common Core Standards.

Our easy-to-access dictionary tool enables your child to quickly learn definitions and pronunciations of challenging words. Simply tap the word you would like to look up and a definition from Webster's Kid's dictionary will appear.

Follow Along Word. OR Highlighted Read-to-Me books
Our audio-enabled read-to-me books highlight the text on the page as each word is spoken. It's a simple, yet effective way for your child to gain confidence and fluency in their reading.

Test your Knowledge with Fun and Engaging Quizzes
Our quizzes are a fun and powerful way to engage your child and reinforce what they have learned. Plus, each quiz comes with additional content recommendations so your child can continue to explore and delve more into the subject matter.

Learning Videos for Thousands of Topics
Get unlimited access to thousands of fiction and nonfiction videos, featuring a wide-range of topics, from DIY and Cooking to Social Sciences and Math.


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