Discovery Kit for Raspberry Pi Pico

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Teach students coding in an engaging and hands-on way. The LAB:bit is an all-in-one educational platform that introduces coding in the classroom. It's packed full of devices, LEDs, switches, sensors, and other programmable features. It features an edge connector for the micro:bit to slot into. No tools are required.

Includes a pre-fitted protective acrylic cover and clip-able pads for attaching an additional motor. It also features two clip pads for attaching more buttons and switches, color changing LEDs that indicate power, a cutaway for easy reset button access, and pre-fitted anti-slip rubber feet to ensure that it stays securely on surfaces.Introduce students to microcontrollers, Python coding, and physical computing. This kit has everything students need to complete 7 experiments using the Raspberry Pi Pico board, which is designed with the ARM-based dual-core chip RP2040.

The experiments take students from the basics to more advanced concepts using external electronics. They cover concepts of high-performance microcontrollers such as basic setup, simple coding, interrupts, threads, digital inputs, and analog and digital outputs.

The kit includes:

  • 1 Raspberry Pi Pico board
  • 1 large prototype breadboard
  • 2 red 5 mm LED lights
  • 2 yellow 5 mm LED lights
  • 2 green 5 mm LED lights
  • 10 packs of resistors
  • 1 piezo element buzzer
  • 20 male-to-male jumper wires
  • 2 push switches
  • Guide

The included booklet covers the basic setup and how to complete every experiment. Each experiment is complete with detailed circuit diagrams, explanations, and a complete code run-through. Kit comes in a reusable package for storage.

The LAB:bit includes a wheel and a tire along with a battery holder that holds 3 AA batteries. The BBC micro:bit (SB53386) is not included. Minimal mechanical assembly is required.

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Mar 2023
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