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Get your Basic Life Support (BLS) certification on your own schedule through It’s easy and convenient for you! Because we think that a BLS certification class should be convenient to do on your part, you’ll gain the necessary knowledge on a schedule that works for you. Our objective is to make things easier for you through our online BLS certification course. We also provide you with a great learning experience with excellent results. By registering for your BLS certification class with, you’ll learn everything you need to know and gain the necessary knowledge about current practices while doing it online and on your own schedule. With, you’ll have all the resources and learning materials you need to successfully complete your BLS certification. This includes a variety of helpful things like videos, articles, and practice tests.

When you take the BLS certification course with, you can look forward to a streamlined class that you can do at a pace you’re comfortable with. The certification course is accredited, and the materials are up to date on current industry practices. It’s all about making things convenient for you. You can get through the certification class at an accelerated pace, or you can take your time with it. With, you’re getting the best, most helpful study materials. You’ll be ready for your BLS certification class with

At, we are dedicated to providing you with the necessary resources and a great learning experience. Our BLS certification class is done 100% online, and this means that you can study and take practice tests whenever you have the time to do so. We know that people learn and study differently, and our software is catered for anyone, no matter how you approach your studies. Our software is compatible with mobile devices as well, so you have access to your BLS certification course no matter where you’re at.

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About ACLS Certification Institute

ACLS Certification Institute began in 2010 when a team of healthcare and emergency medical providers came together with one common goal: Creating a medical certification experience that was better for patients and providers.

Our team saw an increasing gap between emerging medical science and providers’ ability to keep abreast of new methods, vital information, and practices that incorporated everything.

As our team realized traditional certification options could not keep pace with the exponential increase of medical knowledge, the escalating demands on providers’ time, and industry job growth. Medical providers needed a smarter, more efficient way to stay current on medical knowledge and best practices.

By pairing emerging technologies with the latest medical information, the ACLS Certification Institute began offering industry-leading online certifications.

Now, the ACLS Certification Institute is the largest online provider of emergency life support certification training. We’ve helped tens of thousands of providers improve patients’ outcomes while certifying on a flexible schedule that works best for them.

In 2017, ACLS Certification Institute was purchased by Carrus and became part of a larger movement to elevate patient care through innovative online training. We are proud to be a part of the Carrus family, and we strive to uphold our company values of quality, convenience, and service, making the best contribution to our community’s health and safety.

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