All Terrain Brain


Jul 2022

Three Chicks Media, the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, and WEATHERHEAD Experience Design Group have collaborated to create All Terrain Brain(ATB) to help kids ages 8-12 develop the self-confidence, perseverance, motivation, and creative thinking skills that are all part of being an entrepreneur. Based on the All Terrain Brain series of 25 fun videos, encourages kids to take their brain off road, explore new ways of thinking and tap into their inner potential as an entrepreneur.

The All Terrain Brain web site is designed to be a safe, fun and exciting place for kids to play online. Kids and parents can visit most of the web site without registering, but will gain greater access to special sections and privileges if they become registered Team ATB members. Once kids register on the site, they can tackle more complex games, collect ATB bucks (virtual money) and earn ATB badges.

Because we are committed to a safe and positive experience, we have implemented the following safeguards:

We never collect any personal or identifying information, such as real names or home addresses.

When kids register, they create a screen name, which is the only way they are identified to other visitors on the site. They are instructed not to include their real name in the screen name.


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