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Learn Unschooling

Also known as "free-range learning," unschooling describes the growing trend of allowing children to learn what they want when they want. Learn more about this strategy and how to still give proper motivation and structure to their learning.

We have 3 resources for learning Unschooling including educational Websites and Books, from providers such as Sandra Dodd and Unschoolery.


Beginner's Guide to Unschooling

College | Online resource

Thorough explanation of what "unschooling" is, the philosophies behind it, and how it works.


Radical Unschooling

High School - College | Online resource

Sandra Dodd expounds on how people learn. This is the “office” of Sandra Dodd, who thinks and writes and speaks about unschooling, and whose children Kirby, Marty and Holly were always unschooled.


Sandra Dodd's Big Book of Unschooling

High School - College | Book

How does unschooling work? There are many ways families can optimize natural learning in their lives, and find joy and laughter along with it. New unschoolers have had the same questions over the...

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