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1st Grade Telling Time

Kindergarten - 1st | Worksheet/Printable Free 1st grade telling time worksheets including units of time, reading clocks to the whole hour, half hour and quarter hour, drawing clocks and elapsed time. Free pdf worksheets with no login...

2nd Grade Math Worksheets: Telling Time

2nd | Worksheet/Printable Our grade 2 telling time worksheets help students learn to read a traditional (analog) clock-face. The worksheets begin with "whole hours" (3 o'clock, 4o'clock, etc) and progress to half fours,...

Jungle Time

1st - 3rd | iPhone/iPad Jungle Time is an engaging, easy to use educational app that teaches kids how to tell time in multiple languages. Engaging ● Multi-lingual talking clock ● Animal faces smile and roar in a fun...

Learn Counting and Time with Peppa Pig Preschool

Pre-K - 1st | Online video/YouTube Learn Time with Peppa Pig Preschool by Toy Genie. What time is it? Learn how to tell time for preschool children with Peppa Pig. Gumballs, surprises, and more!

Telling time

Pre-K - 2nd | Online class Free classes and courses available for online learning at every level: Elementary, High school, and College lessons.


Kindergarten - 4th | Online resource Practice time skills on IXL, have fun, and win awards!
$10 monthly

Time and Money Flash Cards

Kindergarten - 2nd | Toy/Product Brighter Child® Time and Money Flash Cards offer children a fun and easy way to practice telling time with digital and analog clocks. The set features 54 cards that help strengthen money...

Todo Telling Time

Pre-K - 2nd | Android, ebook/Kindle, iPhone/iPad Learning to tell time, days and months is an important life skill. Todo® Telling Time provides playful learning activities for children in preschool through 2nd grade to learn all aspects of time...

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