Learn Skip-Counting

An important skill in counting is learning to skip-count, that is, counting by sets. Students usually start by counting by 10s, then 5s, and then get more complex.

We have 2 resources for learning Skip-Counting including educational Worksheets & Printables, from providers such as K5 Learning.


2nd Grade Skip Counting Worksheets

2nd | Worksheet/Printable

Practicing skip counting with these worksheets will help improve student's most basic numeracy skills and their confidence in writing and reading numbers. Fluent counting skills are an important...


First grade math worksheets: base 10 blocks

Kindergarten - 1st | Worksheet/Printable

Grade 1 math worksheet on base 10 blocks. 10's and 1's are represented by rods and blocks. Includes composing and decomposing numbers, regrouping, counting and addition using base 10 blocks. Only...

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