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Preschool math curricula set up the foundation of math learning for little ones. They will introduce kids to numbers, counting to 10 and then 100, counting up and down, and can also include basic geometry such as shape recognition. They usually come with learning materials in a variety of formats including workbooks, printable worksheets, DVDs, and some also include an online component.

We have 2 resources for learning Preschool Math Curriculum including educational Worksheets & Printables and Online Classes, from providers such as IXL and edHelper.

$10 monthly

Pre-K math

Pre-K | Online class

Topics: - Shapes - Counting - Comparing and Size - Patterns - Money

$20 yearly

Preschool Math Worksheets and Workbooks

Pre-K | Worksheet/Printable

These unique preschool worksheets cover ordering skills, matching, counting, and number lines for fun, excitement, and future mastery in math. Quick to print and No Prep.

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