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Find learning resources here to learn the instrument of your choice, including guitar, piano, drums, fiddle, cello, harp, and ukulele and more. Some will include lessons music theory as well, including scales, chords, and reading music. Many are available online or as apps, so you can download them and get started playing today!

We have 4 resources for learning Musical Instruments including educational Books, CDs, MP3s & Audiobooks, Kindle & Other eBooks, and Websites, from providers such as Jake Jackson and Genevieve Helsby. Find 67 more resources in subtopics including Guitar, Piano & Keyboards, Drums and Percussion, Violin, and Cello.


Amazing Musical Instruments

4th - 7th | Book, Audio CD/MP3

From the cello to the clarinet to the trumpet to the drums, Those Amazing Musical Instruments! takes readers on a musical tour, with notes on the history, construction and sounds of the instruments...


Chords For Kids: Easy to Read, Easy to Play, For Guitar & Keyboard

1st - 8th | Book

“Chords for Kids” is a handy resource for children and early learners of guitar and keyboard. Chords are one of the most important ways that children can learn about music. They provide a fast...


Scales & Modes: Easy to Read, Easy to Play; For Every Instrument

6th - College | Book, ebook/Kindle

“Scales & Modes” is a fantastic guide for musicians of all genres and players of all instruments. Along with chords, scales and modes are the building blocks of music and are very important to...

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Yousician – Your personal music teacher

6th - College | Online resource

STEP-BY-STEP TUTORIALS Yousician guides you with easy step-by-step tutorials and gives you exercises that fit your level. GET REAL FEEDBACK Get instant feedback on your accuracy and rhythm as you...

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