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JavaScript is a scripting language that is mostly useful for web development.  It can be run within a web browser to control and alter the display of a webpage, and to bring in additional data via AJAX.  Modern JavaScript frameworks enable "single-page applications" that behave like dedicated apps as they avoid reloading the entire webpage and instead just retreive and send data as needed.  In some instances JavaScript can be used on the server-side as well, for instance, in the case of Node.js.

We have 7 resources for learning JavaScript including educational Online Classes and Websites, from providers such as Khan Academy, Guru99, Gymnasium, and Pluralsight. Find 7 more resources in subtopics including AngularJS, jQuery, React JS, and Node.js.


Advanced JS: Games & Visualizations

High School - College | Online class

Once you’ve taken Intro to JS, go here to learn techniques to help you make multi-scene programs, 3d graphics, button menus, and scored games.


Front-End JavaScript Frameworks: AngularJS

College | Online class

This course concentrates mainly on Javascript based front-end frameworks, and in particular, AngularJS, the most popular among them. We will review the model view controller (MVC) design-pattern in...


Intro to JS: Drawing & Animation

High School - College | Online class

Learn how to use the JavaScript language and the ProcessingJS library to create fun drawings and animations.



6th - College | Online class

A language that's used in many parts of web development.


JavaScript Foundations

College | Online class

STOP FAKING IT AND LEARN THE TRUE POWER OF JAVASCRIPT In this course, you will learn how to create code that can make basic decisions; employ efficient debugging techniques with browser developer...

$35 monthly

JavaScript Tutorials

High School - College | Online class

Learn how to code in one of the most in-demand languages of today. Once familiar with JavaScript, you’ll understand how it compiles, optimizes and executes in the browser. Our leading authors will...


Javascript Tutorials for Beginners

College | Online resource

JavaScript is an open source & most popular client side scripting language supported by all browsers.This class is geared to make you a JavaScript pro! What should i know? Nothing!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the best way to learn JavaScript?

The best learning resource is the one that you will stick with. For some students, that means a resource that's fun and engaging like a mobile or PC game. For others it's a resource that lets them learn on their own time, like a mobile app or YouTube channel. For other students, it's a resource that emphasizes reinforcement, such as a workbook or set of printable worksheets. The best way to figure out what is right for you is to look at a wide range of resources, keeping your selection criteria in mind. Search our database of 7 resources for learning JavaScript.

What should I consider when choosing a learning resource for JavaScript?

Think about what is going to help you continue with the resource and actually complete it. Primary considerations should be:

  • Time commitment - how much time can you spend with this resource per day/week?
  • Portability - will you be studying at home or in other places, such as on the bus or after school?
  • Reinforcement learning - does the resource offer reinforcement? Think about whether you'll want exercises or printable worksheets to help you practice what you learned.
  • Price - does the resource require a monthly subscription? This may be fine for topics you can learn in a month or two, but it may be prohibitively expensive otherwise.
Search our database of 7 resources for learning JavaScript.

I have specific needs for learning JavaScript. Where can I find learning materials to meet my needs?

Our advanced search page offers powerful filtering tools so you can find the right learning materials for you.