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Find resources here to learn about animal habitats on Earth, including rainforests, plains, deserts, mountains, rivers, and oceans.  Learn why animals choose those habitats, how they affect the animals' behavior and development, and how those environments are changing with encroachments by humans.

We have 2 resources for learning Habitats including educational YouTube & Online Videos, Websites, Worksheets & Printables, Games, and Toys & Products, from providers such as BrainPOP and Intellego. Find 13 more resources in subtopics including Grasslands, Oceans, Fresh Water, Desert, and Forest.

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Kindergarten - 3rd | Online/YouTube video, Website

Educational videos about a variety of habitats including: Arctic Desert Forest Freshwater Grasslands Oceans Rainforests


K-2 Life Science: Habitats!

Kindergarten - 2nd | Printable, Product

K-2 Core Curriculum – Life Science: Habitats! In this fun and interactive unit study, designed to meet and exceed state and national standards, your children will explore animal and plant habitats...

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