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Beginning Photography Tips - ImprovePhotography

4th - College | Online resource

I have taught the basics of photography to millions of photographers around the world through Improve Photography, so I know just exactly how difficult it can seem to learn the basics of...


Closeup Shooting: A Guide to Closeup, Tabletop and Macro Photography

High School - College | Book, ebook/Kindle

Close-up photography is one of the most fascinating areas in photography. This illustrated guide will take the reader on a journey into the wonderful world of small, smaller, and smallest objects...


Composition Photo Workshop

High School - College | Book, ebook/Kindle

The hands-on instruction that digital photographers need to compose great shots Introducing readers to the basic elements of design, this full-color guide shows photographers step by step how to...


Digital Wedding Photography Photo Workshop (9781118014110): Kenny Kim: Books

High School - College | Book

Learn to capture stunning and memorable wedding photographs You only get one chance to photograph a couple?s dream wedding, and this complete resource is an essential addition to any aspiring or...


Free Photography Videos with Mike Browne

9th - College | Online resource

Entertaining and easy to understand photography videos – tutorials, camera reviews & more. Over 300 FREE Photography Training Videos Learn and improve your photography with our clear, concise,...


HDR Photography Photo Workshop

High School - College | Book

Expand your artistic vision with HDR photography By artfully blending multiple exposures, you can create images with incredible detail, photos that mimic fine paintings, surrealistic imagery — once...


Macro Photography Photo Workshop

High School - College | Book, ebook/Kindle

Macro, or close-up, photography is gaining popularity, and this book covers all of the challenges associated with taking great close-ups: depth of field, focus, and exposure. Copublished with...


Nature Photography Photo Workshop

High School - College | Book

A how-to guide for capturing stunning photographs in nature Photographing nature poses unique challenges and demands that you have special skills and a working knowledge of how to work in—and...


Night and Low-Light Photography Photo Workshop

High School - College | Book, ebook/Kindle

Finally! A resource that sheds light on the unique challenges of night and low-light photography With their unique sets of challenges, night and low-light photography are often touted as some of...


Photographing Children Photo Workshop

High School - College | Book

Capture the essence of childhood through digital photography with this helpful resource Family photography continues to be a major field of professional digital photography, while amateur moms are...

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High School | Book, Online class

Photography introduces students to both the technical and artistic aspects of taking photographs. On the technical side students learn about such things as operating a camera, selecting film and...

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Photography Masterclass: Your Complete Guide to Photography

High School - College | Online class

This online photography course will teach you how to take amazing images and sell them, whether you use a smartphone or a DSLR camera. This course is designed to teach you the ins and outs of...


Photos That Inspire

High School - College | Book

This unique book is packed with more than 200 magnificent photos, each expressing the photographer’s unique take on a scene or subject. With each image, the artist shares a description of the...


Portrait and Candid Photography Photo Workshop

High School - College | Book

The latest tips and tricks for capturing high-quality photos Taking great “people pictures” isn’t a matter of luck. The secret is in observing your subjects and connecting with them, and then using...

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Seeing Through Photographs

7th - College | Online class

Although taking, sharing, and viewing photographs has become second nature for many of us, our regular engagement with images does not necessarily make us visually literate. This course aims to...


Understanding Exposure, 3rd Edition: How to Shoot Great Photographs with Any Camera

4th - College | Book, ebook/Kindle

Author Bryan Peterson explains the relationship between aperture and shutter speed, including how to achieve successful exposures in seemingly difficult situations. You’ll learn: • Which aperture...


Way Beyond Monochrome 2e: Advanced Techniques for Traditional Black & White Photography including digital negatives and hybrid printing

High School - College | Book, ebook/Kindle

Photo Techniques Magazine stated: “All our readers need to know about this very useful book.” Indeed, there is no other compendium that is as in-depth as this for the beauty and magic of fine-art...

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