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Be Persuasive: Write a Convincing Position Paper or Policy Advice (Project-Centered Course)

College | Online class About this Course In this project-centered course, you will learn everything you need to research and present an effective and persuasive position paper or policy advice. We recommend you sign up...
Topic: Writing & Composition

Federalism & Decentralization: Evaluating Africa's Track Record

College | Online class In this political science course you will learn about the twin concepts of federalism and decentralization. You will develop an understanding of the core ideas that federalism and decentralization...
Topic: Political Science

International Law in Action: A Guide to the International Courts and Tribunals in The Hague

College | Online class International Law in Action explains the functions of each international court and tribunal present in The Hague, and it looks at how these institutions address contemporary problems. On the basis...
Topic: Law

The Rooseveltian Century

7th - College | Online class This course uses the lives, ideals and achievements of Theodore, Franklin, and Eleanor Roosevelt to create the idea of a Rooseveltian century. It is about doing research, analyzing primary sources,...
Topic: 20th Century US History