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Myrna became interested in Earth Science with the eruption of Mount Saint Helens. The volcano is located about 90 miles from our home. Myrna created her own lessons plans and took her sons to watch the volcano erupt.

Tom, Myrna and Brett started their home-based business in 1998. The business began with a single rock identification kit that included a textbook and a set of volcanic rocks. Today the company has over thirty books and seven different set of rocks for sale.

Myrna is a prize winning author and was named Professional of the Year for Science Textbook Publishing. Our company sells science materials world wide. Our science materials were on display in Australia as part of an Earth Science exhibit on educational materials that are available to the general public.

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Earth Science Course 1 Grade 6-12

Earth Science
6th - High School | Book

Level 2 Course 1 The Course 1 Earth Science topics and textbooks are designed for students in 6th – 12th grades. This advanced Earth Science course includes information on the structure of our...

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Rock Identification Course 1 Grade 3-6

Earth Science
3rd - 6th | Book

Level 1 Course 1 Rock Identification Arkansas Diamond Mine Looking for diamonds at the Crater of Diamonds Park 456 Our Rock Identification Course 1 is designed to be completed in one semester by...


Science Activities for Kids K-2

Earth Science
Kindergarten - 2nd | Book

The science activities for kids in our Course 1 are designed for students in the early elementary grades. Many of the activities in the books are fun for students of all ages. Teachers that have...