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New York Public Library: Biblion


Biblion, The Boundless Library immerses users in rare items from The New York Public Library’s vast collections, providing context while also allowing for serendipitous discoveries. The second edition, Biblion Frankenstein: The Afterlife of Shelley’s Circle, takes advantage of new social media features to spark digitally enhanced conversation and social reading — and gives users a direct view into original primary source documents. Apple named Biblion one of its top apps in 2011 in the education category. Wired magazine praised it as one of 14 “outstanding apps for readers,” and The Atlantic magazine described it as “the magazine app of the future.” We welcome you to browse full editions online or download the app. Also check out Frankenstein: Making a Modern Monster, an edition of NYPL’s free Point iBook series created from content in Biblion: Frankenstein.

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Individual Text Analysis
6th - College | iPhone/iPad

See how the classics live on and join the “Afterlife of Shelley’s Circle.” What makes a monster? Is technology good or bad? What’s it like to live at the margins of society? Enter the NYPL stacks...