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Meet Science: Force & Motion

Force & Motion   4th - 6th | iPhone/iPad

What a fun way to learn science and endorse curiosities with animations, experiments and mini-games! Introducing the 3rd version of ‘Meet Science’ series, Force and Motion edition! ■ Best Way to...


Meet Science: Light & Sound

Light & Sound   4th - 6th | iPhone/iPad

The 2nd version of ‘Meet Science’, Light and Sound edition inspires all school-aged kids to explore fundamental concepts of Light and Sound with variety of fun features such as animations,...


Meet Science: Magnetism & Electricity

Electricity & Magnetism   4th - 6th | iPhone/iPad

‘Meet Science’ inspires all school-aged kids to explore fundamental concepts of Magnetism and Electricity (1st Edition) with variety of fun features such as animations, experiments, and mini-games....


Meet Science: Work & Energy

Work & Energy   4th - 6th | iPhone/iPad

Learn about physics in a fun way with the newly released app, ‘Meet Science: Work and Energy’! ■ Best Way to Use ‘Meet Science’ - Watch animations with fun characters to learn about the concepts of...


Meet the Insects: Forest Edition

Insects (Entomology)   4th - 6th | iPhone/iPad

This gorgeously-illustrated interactive encyclopedia invites you to explore the world of forest insects. Learn all the interesting faces about forest insects, review what you have learned through...


Meet the Insects: Village Edition

Insects (Entomology)   4th - 6th | iPhone/iPad

The second app of our planned insect encyclopedia series primarily focuses on insects that live around the village. What is your favorite insect? Butterflies? Lady bugs? or Grasshoppers?


Meet the Insects: Water & Grass Edition

Insects (Entomology)   4th - 6th | iPhone/iPad

Enjoy the last edition of ‘Meet the Insects’ with captivating photos and videos of insects living in water and grass. All scripts are fully audio narrated and kids can review what they have learned...


Write My Name

Writing & Composition   Pre-K - Kindergarten | iPhone/iPad

Developed by experts and endorsed by parents and teachers, Write My Name helps to practice writing letters, words, names and phrases. Write My Name supports children to write their name, trace...