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Beginning Algebra

Algebra 1   8th | Online resource

Students tackle concepts including the real number system, solving equations and inequalities, polynomials and exponents, factoring and applications, rational expressions, graphing linear...



Calculus   High School | Product, Windows

Students learn the fundamentals of Calculus topics including functions and limits, differentiation, and applications of differentiation. As they advance, they learn integration, applications of the...


Compound Data Types and Advanced Programming in C

C Programming Language   High School | Product, Windows

Students focus on implementing data structures, the key organizing factor to formalize design methods and programming languages. This course includes advanced topics that are useful for modern...


Electricity & Magnetism

Physics   High School | Product, Windows

The course prepares students for the Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism Advanced Placement (AP) exam. Students will cover advanced topics in electricity and magnetism, including the electric...


Geometry: Intro to Proofs

Geometry   High School | Product, Windows

This highly intensive course, designed by Stanford mathematicians, teaches students geometry through the lens of formal logic. Not only will students learn geometric properties, but they will also...


Grammar & Style

Grammar   8th - 9th | Product, Windows

Students learn to understand the grammar of the sentence and cover numerous areas of study, from advanced sentence structure to sentence analysis, and other advanced grammatical topics. This course...


Intermediate Algebra

Algebra 2   9th - High School | Online resource

Learn intermediate-level algebraic concepts, including real numbers; linear equations and inequalities; exponents and polynomials; rational expressions; and more. This course can be taken...


Introductory C Programming

C++   High School | Product, Windows

Students explore topics including basic syntax, data types, expressions, control statements, and interaction between the compiler and the hardware. Programming exercises are oriented towards...


Introductory Java

Java   High School | Product, Windows

Students are introduced to the concept of object-oriented programming using the Java language. This course covers topics including basic object-oriented programming; advanced features of java.lang...


Introductory Physics

Physics   9th - High School | Product, Windows

Our course teaches what is generally covered in a first-year and second-year physics course and can be a major component of Advanced Placement (AP) preparation. This Introductory Physics course...


Language Arts and Writing

English   2nd - 7th | Online resource

Developed by Stanford’s Center for the Study of Language and Information, this course helps students develop reading, writing, and critical thinking skills. Using innovative writing analysis...


Math Connects, Grade 2, Consumable Student Edition, Volume 2

Math   2nd | Book

Math Connectsis intended for use in all elementary math classes as a balanced basal approach to teaching mathematics. Math Connects is the elementary portion of the vertically aligned PreK to 8...



Physics   High School | Product, Windows

Students learn advanced topics in mechanics, including systems of measurement, motion in one dimension, motion in two and three dimensions, Newton’s Laws, work and energy, systems of particles, and...


Programming in C

C Programming Language   High School | Product, Windows

Students cover topics including arrays, functions, passing arrays to functions, sorting algorithms, user defined types, and recursion. The programming exercises are oriented towards learning...


Redbird Mathematics

Math   Kindergarten - 6th | Online resource

Developed by Stanford University, the Redbird Mathematics curriculum features the latest in adaptive instruction, gamification, and digital project-based learning. This K-6th grade curriculum is...