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Lumio apps tackle the toughest topics for 6-9 year olds, from fractions to multiplication.
Fun and interactive problems provide kids with the learning experiences they need to fully grasp tricky mathematical ideas.
Each app comes in a paid version or a free with in-app purchase version.

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Fruity Fractions

1st - 5th | iPhone/iPad

Hungry for a new math discovery? This juicy number snack introduces basic fractions in a fun and fruity way! Kids solve tasty challenges and unlock the story of some greedy parrots with a taste for...


Llama Drama: Multiplication

Multiplication & Times Tables
1st - 5th | iPhone/iPad

The llamas are running wild! Can you untangle this farm fiasco? Help kids understand the tricky topic of multiplication by solving visual problems.Kids build number fluency, develop strategies for...