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Jessica Bauman


I started out as a director of new plays downtown. If you wanted something moving, funny, beautiful, but you had no time and no money, I could do it for you. While my horizons have grown, the skills I developed early still scaffold everything I do. I am a deep and sensitive reader. I’m very good at working with playwrights to discover the story they want to tell. I create an environment which brings out my collaborators’ best work. I can make an audience laugh. I almost never lose my cool.

To these skills, I have added a host of others: I have shot with four cameras in a studio, and a single camera on location. I have directed Shakespeare with casts of 16, and 6. I have collaborated with composers and video designers. I have worked with movie stars and students, for audiences from New York City to Texas and beyond.


A Midsummer Night's Dream (Enhanced Edition)

Shakespeare   9th - College | iPhone/iPad, Mac OS

The WordPlay™ Shakespeare Series gives readers a new and better way to understand Shakespeare’s works by presenting his peerless verse and prose next to carefully filmed performances. About The...


Macbeth (Enhanced Edition)

Shakespeare   8th - College | iPhone/iPad, Mac OS

Half the Page is a Stage™ with The WordPlay™ Shakespeare Series. This revolutionary eBook gives reader/viewers a new way to learn and love Shakespeare. On the left page, you see Shakespeare’s text....


Romeo and Juliet (Enhanced Edition)

Shakespeare   8th - College | iPhone/iPad, Mac OS

Shakespeare never intended for his plays to be read by his audience – they were meant to be seen. WordPlay Shakespeare combines video and text to create a revolutionary new way to experience...