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3D Shapes

Pre-K - 1st | Online video/YouTube In this first grade and kindergarten math video we will be learning 3D shapes! Join us as we learn shapes like the sphere, cone, cube, pyramid, rectangular prism and the cylinder. We will also...
Topic: 3D Shapes

Black History Videos for Kids

Kindergarten - 3rd | Online video/YouTube These black history videos for kids will teach children about African American men and women who helped shape our world! Starting with our Black History Month for Kids video, this playlist will...
Topic: African American Studies

Coins for Kids

Kindergarten - 3rd | Online video/YouTube Learn the coins in this math learning video for kids in kindergarten, first grade, second grade and beyond! This video is a fun way to learn the coins, to discover how much money they are worth,...
Topic: Money & Consumer Math

Continents of the World

Kindergarten - 2nd | Online video/YouTube The continents of the world are the subject of this Homeschool Pop first and second grade social studies curriculum video for your kids. Learn each of the continents one by one, learning where they...
Topic: Geography

Oceans of the World

Kindergarten - 2nd | Online video/YouTube Wow! Learn the oceans of the world! This lesson is great for kids who are ready to learn the names of the oceans and also a little bit about each ocean of the world!
Topic: Geography

Planets of our Solar System for Kids

Kindergarten - 2nd | Online video/YouTube Learn the planets of our solar system in this video for kids of all ages! You will discover what a planet is, what the two types of planets are and the two different kinds of primary planets! Plus,...
Topic: Solar System

US States Videos for Kids | Learn the 50 States!

Pre-K - 3rd | Online video/YouTube In this video series we teach you all 50 of the US States. Learn key facts about each of the states in a dynamic, interactive video format that maximizes retention and memory! We are excited to...
Topic: US Geography