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Higher School of Economics


Introduction to Neuroeconomics: How the Brain Makes Decisions

College | Online class Economics, psychology, and neuroscience are converging today into a unified discipline of Neuroeconomics with the ultimate aim of creating a single, general theory of human decision-making....
Topic: Neuroscience

Understanding Russian Economy. Problems of Transition

College | Online class The purpose of the course is to bring the basic knowledge on the specific aspects of Russian economy that had significant impact on the latest development trends in Russia. This course will provide...
Topic: Economics

Финансовые рынки и институты (Financial Markets and Institutions)

College | Online class В рамках данного курса рассматриваются основные вопросы функционирования финансовых рынков, деятельности финансовых институтов, изучаются финансовые инструменты, с которыми приходится сталкиваться...
Topic: Finance