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1st Grade

1st | Audio CD/MP3, Book, Online resource, Product The Joy of Reading and Writing Calvert’s 1st Grade curriculum harnesses the joy parents feel watching their child develop into individual critical thinkers. Our engaging and challenging activities...
Topic: 1st Grade Curriculum

2nd Grade

2nd | Audio CD/MP3, Book, Online resource, Product Laying the Foundations of Grammar, Composition, Math and Science Our 2nd Grade homeschool curriculum fully immerses your child into the world of independent reading. Using our delightful phonics...
Topic: 2nd Grade Curriculum

3rd Grade

3rd | Audio CD/MP3, Book, Online resource, Product An In-depth Exposure to Social Studies and Literature In Calvert’s 3rd Grade curriculum, your child will explore literature and develop skills for organizational writing, all while delving into new...
Topic: 3rd Grade Curriculum

4th Grade

4th | Audio CD/MP3, Book, Online resource, Product Idea Expression and Scientific Discovery Our 4th Grade curriculum provides opportunity for students to exercise their creativity by writing original compositions. Students are also given the...
Topic: 4th Grade Curriculum

5th Grade

5th | Audio CD/MP3, Book, Online resource, Product Comprehensive Review of History and Classic Literature Our 5th Grade students begin to draw connections between subject matter such as American History, Literature, and Geography by reading classic...
Topic: 5th Grade Curriculum

6th Grade

6th | Audio CD/MP3, Book, Online resource, Product An Emphasis on Life Skills and Independent Learning Our 6th Grade curriculum will expand your child’s knowledge of classic American literature by delving into works of Emily Dickinson, Robert...
Topic: 6th Grade Curriculum

7th Grade

7th | Audio CD/MP3, Book, Online resource, Product Analyzing History, Exploring Science and Developing Skills for the Future The 7th Grade curriculum allows students to continue to build strong grammar and composition skills through descriptive and...
Topic: 7th Grade Curriculum

8th Grade

8th | Audio CD/MP3, Book, Online resource, Product Solidifying Knowledge and Preparing for High School Our 8th Grade curriculum begins to bring together the necessary tools and topics to fully equip your child for success in high school and all...
Topic: 8th Grade Curriculum

High School

9th - High School | Audio CD/MP3, Book, Online class, Online resource, Product Preparing for College, Career, and Life Designed to prepare your student for success in college and beyond, Calvert’s accredited, academically rigorous High School program is reflective of the...
Topic: High School Curriculum
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Kindergarten | Audio CD/MP3, Book, Online resource, Product Hands-on Active Learning Calvert’s hands-on Kindergarten curriculum will prepare your child for 1st Grade. The basis of our interactive curriculum is a seamless interdisciplinary education...
Topic: Kindergarten Curriculum


Pre-K | Audio CD/MP3, Book, Online class, Product Calvert’s hands-on Pre-K curriculum is designed to kick-start your child’s love for learning. Your child will enjoy a year of guided and fun developmental activities as you work together to begin...
Topic: Preschool Curriculum