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Word Sauce!

by Mrs Wordsmith (3)
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Hilariously Illustrated Storyteller's Dictionary
Grab a napkin, because Word Sauce!™ is about to drop. Dripping with inspiration and a sizzling array of storytelling words, this is the ultimate illustrated storyteller’s dictionary.

4000 key storytelling words
All of the most useful and relevant storytelling words, split across easy-to-navigate key themes: Character, Weather, Taste & Smell, Action, Emotion and Settings.

Hundreds of inspiring illustrations
From Craig Kellman, the Hollywood artist behind Madagascar and Hotel Transylvania’s unforgettable characters, come hundreds of hilarious illustrations.

Data-driven word curation
Our writers used machine learning and worked with professors, teachers and lexicographers to curate the best possible range of storytelling words for writers.

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Grade levels 3rd - 9th
Formats Book
Price $36
Common Core aligned? No
Religious influence? No

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