Volume 1 - Sequential Spelling DVD-ROM


The NEW Sequential Spelling DVD-ROM 2.5 version includes a great new HTML5 user interface, helpful tutorials, built in video player, and the ability for older users to type and print their answers.

Adobe® Flash has been discontinued in this version for improved compatibility!

Compatible With: PC, Mac®, iPad® Instructional time: 22hr.

Now, students can learn spelling on their own, with minimal assistance from the teacher, while still getting the benefits of AVKO’s premiere multi-sensory spelling program. This computer based Sequential Spelling program is delivered for you, complete with contextual sentences and word parts displayed in contrasting colors.

As students recognize more and more patterns and begin to spell words correctly that they’ve never seen before- all without “studying”-their confidence and spelling skills soar! Sequential Spelling, Volume 1 is a great starting point for most students because, while students might be ready to spell a complex word (like frightened), they will learn best by mastering the patterns words follow throughout English spelling.

Some of the word family patterns that are covered in Volume 1: -in, -en, -et, -ot, -ay, -ime, -and, -ight. Representative words you can expect to learn: beginning, disagreeing, permitted.

The student only needs to be able to pause and restart their computer’s media player for interactive instruction.

The program consists of seven levels each building on the previous level. The volume numbers do not correspond to a grade level. Everyone should start with Volume 1. It may be easy at first, but it gets much harder quickly. A reading or spelling ability of about 2nd grade is necessary to use Sequential Spelling effectively.

The Sequential Spelling method can be used by anyone!

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