Understanding Mathematics


This hardcover textbook has 170 lessons that review and extend skills taught in previous grades. Review in each lesson keeps previous skills current. New concepts include the following areas.

Numbers—Greatest common factor, lowest common multiple, mental shortcuts in calculation.
Fractions—Decimal-fraction equivalents.
Decimals—Multiplying and dividing.
Percents—Discounts, commissions, interest.
Measures—Conversions between English and metric measures, time zones.
Geometry—Perimeter and area of triangles and parallelograms, circumference and area of circles, measuring angles with a protractor.
Graphs—Constructing circle grafts.
Quizzes and Speed Tests are provided in a separate booklet with tear-out sheets.

Chapter tests are also in a separate booklet.

The teacher’s manual comes in two volumes. Each lesson shown the pupil’s pages full size with answers filled in. Extra pages guide the teacher in lesson preparation. Answer keys for quizzes, speed tests, and chapter tests are included.

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