Tricky 450! 4th Grade Spelling Workbook


Tricky 450! 4th Grade Spelling Workbook- 30 Week Course with Daily Lessons for the 450 Most Commonly Misspelled Words for Fourth Graders. This is a printable workbook with an optional online companion. (284 Pages) Tricky 450! PDF includes an online companion: Tricky 450! 4th Grade Spelling & Vocabulary


-Hear Words Spoken -Includes Online Mid-term & Final -Includes Online Daily Spelling & Vocabulary Lessons and test PDF Includes:

- 30 week course with daily printable lessons - 15 words in each weekly word list - Answer Key - Online companion website so students can hear pronunciation of words - Traditional pen & paper spelling test which we administer to students online - Individual Recordkeeping Sheet - Classroom Recordkeeping Sheet - Weekly Word List Focus - Full Word List - Course Completion Certificate WHAT?

Tricky 450! represents the 450 most often misspelled words 4th graders could face in their lessons, tests and examinations. These are the toughest, meanest and most problematic words out there so if your young learner can tame this cumbersome catalog, he/she is on the path to spelling enlightenment. But, seriously, this is THE list your student should know. And if they can master Tricky 450!, the rest will be a piece of cake.


Over the past 10 years, has been the go-to, online spelling solution for hundreds of thousands of teachers, parents and students. During that time, in our pursuit of providing the best possible learning experience, we have data mined millions of records, tests, lessons and exercises with the goal of producing the quintessential spelling list for each grade. The result is Tricky 450! and our philosophy is simple; easy words are easy, but the Tricky 450! is deserving of your time and concentration.


As teachers and parents, we all want what’s best for our children. And when young learners start the journey down the sometimes confusing, and often dull, road of traditional rote learning and memorization, the need does arise for supplemental training tools. The best of these programs stimulate interaction between the student and subject matter while at the same time promoting meaningful engagement with the goal of learning to mastery. Tricky 450! is just that and as a curriculum, offers a traditional, handwriting/workbook experience along with online, interactive technologies incorporating “human voice” for the proper pronunciation of each word. The resulting marriage of these various methodologies provides a unique learning experience that students will look forward to while mastering essential words needed to build the cornerstones of their literacy foundation. This interdisciplinary approach promotes long-term retention by leveraging various contextual presentations, not found in other courses and curriculum, which contributes to vocabulary growth and increased reading comprehension.


Tricky 450! provides the best of both worlds; a traditional approach leveraging the technical advantageous of online interactivity. Paper and pen meets a cross platform digital interface complete with perfect human voice pronunciation all wrapped in a self-paced curriculum any child can follow. Our daily lessons are fun and devoid of monotony thereby firmly establishing that spelling instruction can be designed to help children learn and better understand critical components resulting in better reading, higher test scores, and future academic success.

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