The Waste Land by T.S. Eliot


The most revolutionary poem of the last hundred years, brought to life for a 21st century audience.

As someone coming from the wrong side of the two cultures, Eliot’s poem had effectively been closed off to me for decades. Now it isn’t, and that in itself would almost justify the price of the iPad that made it possible.

A unique reading experience

A wealth of interactive features illuminate T.S. Eliot’s greatest work, including audio readings, detailed notes and expert insights.

Expert perspectives

Understand the poem’s many references and allusions with over 35 expert interviews, including Jeanette Winterson and Seamus Heaney, filmed in partnership with BBC Arena.

Watch Fiona Shaw’s performance

Includes a gripping, filmed performance of the poem by actress Fiona Shaw, synchronised to the text.

Six recordings & the original manuscript

Have the poem read to you by Eliot, Alec Guinness or Ted Hughes among others, and explore the original manuscript with Ezra Pound’s handwritten edits.

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