The Ultimate 7th Grade Bundle[RESOURCE REMOVED]


The Seventh Grade Digital Textbook Package provides 8 Digital Texts, including both the Student and Teacher’s Edition. 8 Digital Textbooks for One Low Price!

Who is it for?

7th Grade Teachers, Homeschoolers and Parents

What is included?

The Ultimate Seventh Grade Bundle provides 8 Digital Textbooks in PDF format and both the Student and Teacher’s Edition of Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies

In Flight with Seventh Grade Language Arts introduces and reinforces the core Language Arts skills – grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension and writing – in a rigorous format that is challenging for the student. In a step-by-step process which develops the mandatory Language Arts skills the Seventh grade student must acquire, each Lesson presents, practices, applies, and reviews each concept before formally assessing the student’s understanding and retention. Exciting lessons are provided on skills such as narrative writing, descriptive writing and the writing process, grammar, strategies for reading fiction, understanding story elements, cinquains, haiku, alliteration, comparing and contrasting and much more! There are 180 Lessons.

In Flight with Seventh Grade Math offers a diverse approach for learning and affirming the material presented. The student is questioned and quizzed through exercise and Assessments, while also creatively challenged through writing and project assignments, on the practical nature of mathematical principles and objectives, such as central tendency, plots, graphs, integers and absolute value, slopes, ratios and proportions, adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing rational numbers, square roots, geometry, transformations, reflections, rotations, measurement and more! There are 180 Lessons.

In Flight with Seventh Grade Science explores multiple science topics, such as The Earth System, Geospheres, Topography, Minerals, Rocks and Soil, Physical Science, Energy, The Water Cycle, Ecosystems and Biomes, Life Science, Space and More!. There are 180 Lessons.

In Flight with Seventh Grade Social Studies provides a global examination of the Eastern Hemisphere. The student will study the geography, civics, culture and economic systems of the Eastern Hemisphere. They will explore exciting topics, such as population density, migration, ethnic groups, natural resources, history, global issues, Africa, Egypt, Algeria, Asia, India and More! There are 180 lessons.

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