The Addicted Brain


Week 1
The Background and Overview of Drug Use
Types of Drugs and Addictions
Review & Quiz
Quiz: The Background and Overview of Drug Use
Week 2
Drugs & How the Brain Works
Drugs in the Body
Review & Quiz
Quiz: Drugs & How the Brain Works
Week 3
Classes of Drugs, Part 1
Alcohol, Nicotine, & Marijuana
Hallucinogens, Opiates, & Sedatives
Review & Quiz
Quiz: Classes of Drugs, Part 1
Week 4
Classes of Drugs, Part 2 & Animal Models
Inhalants, Caffeine, & Other Substances
Animal Models
Review & Quiz
Quiz: Classes of Drugs, Part 2 & Animal Models
Week 5
Neurotransmission & Brain Imaging
How Drugs Change the Brain
Review & Quiz
Quiz: Neurotransmission & Brain Imaging
Week 6
Vulnerability: Drug Use, Abuse, & Prevention
Who Will Become an Addict?
Risk Factors, Protective Factors, & Prevention
Review & Quiz
Quiz: Vulnerability: Drug Use, Abuse, & Prevention
Week 7
Treatment, Policy, & Decriminalization
Drug Policy, Legalization, & Decriminalization
Course Summary
Review & Quiz
Quiz: Treatment, Policy, & Decriminalization

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