Sunshine Secret


The Sunshine Secret™ Interactive e-Learning Program, Ages 3-7 — For home or classroom Feel good about giving your child screen time! The new Sunshine Secret interactive e-learning program is as fun and engaging for your young children as it is educational. This science-based program for the home or classroom teaches children to recognize, express and self-regulate their emotions and behavior. It features a wonderful story, the transformative adventures of Gloria the glowworm and Leon the chameleon and 30 interactive activities. The Heart Shine™ technique and Heart breathing Pacer helps children build a solid emotional foundation, positive relationships with family, friends and classmates and self-awareness. Scientific research shows the social-emotional skills the Sunshine Secret teaches are essential for achieving success in school, work and life.
Who is it for?
Parents, Teachers, Homeschoolers, children ages 3-7

What’s included?
Program Highlights
Complete Sunshine Secret Parent Guide
Sunshine Secret story and video
Audio and onscreen instructions for children
Interactive activities in every chapter
Five age appropriate science units
Journey map track to your progress
Playground, children-friendly access to all activities
Parent/Teacher Directory
Student certificate of completion