Stepping Stones - A Path to Critical Thinking


A path to critical thinking Stepping Stones workbooks are designed to introduce students to critical thinking skills that they will use throughout their academic careers. The books in the Stepping Stones series strive to present critical thinking in a way that is clear to young children. The exercises are visually appealing and task-oriented, and there is a strong emphasis on students’ ability to justify and explain their answers. This pushes students to think carefully and rationally about their answers.

Skills Addressed Language Skills • Alphabet sequencing • Beginning sounds • Capital and lowercase letters • Compound words • Comprehension • Encoding • Ending sounds • Letter recognition • Letter-sound association • Listening • Punctuation • Rhyming • Singular and plural noun forms • Syllables • Verb tense • Vocabulary development

Math Skills • Counting (rote, skip) • Equations • Even and odd numbers • Graphs • Lines • Measurement • Money • Numeral recognition • Ordinal numbers • Patterns • Sets • Shapes • Time

Social Studies • Community Helpers • Geography • Rural • Urban • Cultures

Concept Words • In • Out • On • Above • Below • Opposite • Right side up • Upside down • Up • Down • Before • After • Right • Left • Same • Different • Similar • Fewer • Least • Top • Bottom • Behind • Beneath • Beside • Between • Beyond

Science Concepts • Animals • Colors • Float/sink • Habitats • Invention and design • Living/nonliving • Nutrition • Plants • Seasons • Space • Temperature • Textures • Tools • Weather

More Ways to Learn Comprehension

The Story of the U.S.A.

4th - 8th | Book

Develop vocabulary and comprehension skills The Story of the U.S.A. is a series of workbooks that present basic topics in American history in language that is easy to read and to understand,...

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Starting Comprehension - Stories to Advance Reading & Thinking

Pre-K - 2nd | Book

Promote reading for meaning in beginning readers Starting Comprehension is based on the assumption that children do not all learn to use phonetic, semantic, and syntactic reading cues in the same...


Reasoning & Reading

3rd - 8th | Book

Building good reading comprehension, problem-solving, and analytical skills The Reasoning & Reading series is based on the belief that reasoning, language, and reading comprehension are...

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English 1, Understanding

High School | Book, Online class

Understanding English 1 gives students an in-depth knowledge of how sentences are organized. Through this knowledge, students learn to recognize and use good sentences. The first half of the course...

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Making Connections

1st - 6th | Book

Making Connections® is a direct, systematic, and highly interactive comprehension program that teaches students strategies to build their comprehension. The program employs a scaffolded...

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Ridgewood Analogies

4th - 8th | Book

Help students become independent thinkers and problem solvers This series of books is based on curriculum developed by teachers in the Ridgewood, New Jersey, Public Schools. Ridgewood students...


Primary Analogies

Kindergarten - 3rd | Book

Introduce young students to sophisticated thinking skills as they learn to read As they solve and create analogies, students actively process information, make important connections, use...


Reading for Content

3rd - 6th | Book

Help students improve their reading comprehension skills This series of 4 books is made up of reading selections, which are frequently revised and updated to maintain their high interest level....

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Reading Comprehension in Varied Subject Matter

2nd - High School | Book

Nonfiction reading passages with comprehension questions Each workbook in this series has reading selections covering social studies, science, literature, mathematics, philosophy, logic, language,...

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Beyond The Code

2nd - 4th | Book

Develop Comprehension and Reasoning Skills This four-book series helps students develop important comprehension and thinking skills at the earliest level. The books contain charmingly illustrated...

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Analogies 1, 2, and 3

7th - High School | Book

Help students master analogy problem-solving Studying analogies helps students sharpen reasoning ability, develop critical thinking, understand relationships between words and ideas, learn new...

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Claims to Fame

2nd - 5th | Book

An architect, a physician, an umpire, an aviator, and a cartoonist: these are just a few of the careers represented in this book of short biographies. Students will develop reading, thinking, and...

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The Story of Western Civilization - How Civilization Began

4th - 8th | Book

Age-appropriate history that is simple to read The Story of Western Civilization is a series of 4 reading workbooks presenting specific segments of the history of Western civilization. The language...

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