Speech and Language Bundle: Comprehensive Resources that Strengthen Receptive and Expressive Language Skills


The Speech and Language Bundle features Dr. Warren’s popular receptive and expressive language publications. The Speech and Language Bundle features Dr. Warren’s popular receptive and expressive language publications. This multisensory suite offers materials to help students master main ideas/details, inferences, core language vocabulary skills, abstract thinking, multiple meanings, word finding/memory, basic writing, and following directions/listening skills.

This bundle includes the following publications.

Following Directions Bundle

Reversing Reversals Primary

Making Inferences the Fun and Easy Way

Memory Master

Word Shuffle

Hey, What’s the Big Idea

Abstract Thinking and Multiple Meanings

Categorizing, Paragraph building and Transitional Words Activities

The Main I-deer

Show Don’t Tell

More Ways to Learn Speech

Speech: How to Talk More Effectively

High School | Book, Online class

The challenge to persuade others is one we face every day. How to Talk More Effectively is designed to help students meet that challenge. It takes apart the process of preparing and delivering...

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Public Speaking 1 (online)

High School | Online class

The art of public speaking is one which underpins the very foundations of Western society. This online course examines those foundations in both Aristotle and Cicero’s views of rhetoric, and then...

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38 Basic Speech Experiences

9th - High School | Book, Online resource

The classic public speaking text Students are up on their feet speaking from the first to the last chapter in this project-based text. Each chapter is structured around a speaking project that...

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Creative Communication: Projects in Acting, Speaking, Oral Reading

6th - High School | Book

Imaginative projects keep students actively involved This student book is especially for teachers who believe that students learn best by getting on their feet and speaking. Excellent for short...

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Mastering Competitive Individual Events

9th - High School | Book

Thorough instruction in major speech and drama individual eventsUtilizing a step-by-step approach, students and coaches learn to prepare for and present major speech and drama events in state and...

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