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Product Description
With this award-winning Spanish package, there’s no need to memorize lists of Spanish words or listen to boring adult conversations. Kids learn by watching kids like them in real-life, humorous situations! The program is incredibly effective and children WANT to do their Spanish lessons. The online program includes more than 40 Spanish lessons as well interactive quizzes and workbooks. MANY parents tell us that children start to speak Spanish after the very first lesson!

Concepts covered

Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids teaches Spanish by direct example. Students learn by watching students use Spanish vocabulary in fun story-based videos. The content is relateable to children featuring activities such as birthday parties, soccer games, play dates, getting ready for bed and much more.

Who is it for?

These videos are aimed at elementary and middle school students, but they are engaging for all ages.

What is included?

12 months of Full Access with First Parent-Teacher Guide FREE! Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids now has 40 entertaining online videos. Additionally, there are supplemental online games, puzzles, quizzes so kids can have fun practicing what they have learned in the videos.

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