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Sociology is the study of people, social life and society. In this increasingly connected world, students will examine topics in our society such as crime, race, ethnicity, marriage, family, sports and entertainment. Students will also learn how relationships between people and society can influence their actions and beliefs.

This full unit online course is self-contained with no additional textbook or print materials. There are 16 units. Each unit has a Lab assignment that asks the students to complete one or more activities at external websites that include watching videos. There are 4 exams in Sociology.

Please note: Videos assigned for viewing in this course are accessed through links in the course and may begin with an advertisement or contain material that is controversial or troubling for more sensitive individuals. This course is recommended for junior or senior level students.

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Sociology is the study of how people behave in groups and how these groups interact with each other. This course investigates the process of socialization—how individuals learn to be part of the...

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