Social Studies Techbook™


Your Primary Source for the Social Studies Classroom.
Social Studies Techbook is a comprehensive, standards-aligned, core curricular resource that uses an inquiry-based approach to enhance literacy and critical thinking skills.

Courses in this digital social studies textbook include U.S. History, World History, Civics and Government, and World Geography and Cultures.

Engage Students Like Never Before.
Bring historical events, concepts, and phenomena to life for today’s students with engaging multimedia resources including interactive text, maps, and timelines, plus videos, photos, audio, and hundreds of primary sources.

Easy to Use, Anywhere, Any time.
The streamlined, responsive design provides you with an easy-to-follow, consistent experience, accessible from any device, in any instructional setting.

Question the Past. Understand the Present.
Teachers have access to exclusive videos, multimedia activities, digital text, more than 3,000 primary sources, model lessons, and assessments. With Social Studies Techbook, students learn the content and skills needed to question the past, understand the present, and shape the future.

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