Science of Life: Biology Package


Make the complicated easy by taking a building blocks approach to learning! Filled with scientific information, the material is broken down into learnable pieces so your student can grasp the details and add to his or her understanding. Fossils, dinosaurs, evolution, creation, human origin, scientific and biblical perspectives, DNA, genes, and Genesis are among the topics addressed.

1 Year Curriculum
8th – 9th Grade
½ Credit

Package Includes:

Building Blocks in Science
Building Blocks in Life Science
Lesson Plan
Two titles from the Laying a Creation Foundation Series are combined for a full year of study to help students build their world view on a faith that fits the scientific facts. Building Blocks in Science provides a foundation for scientific thought, while Buildings Blocks in Life Science delves deeper into biology and God’s amazing design of life. Combined with the Parent Lesson Plan, you will have a detailed calendar for each week of study, reproducible worksheets, quizzes and tests, and answers keys to help grade all assignments.

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