Work in Progress: Core Knowledge Science™

The Core Knowledge Foundation is currently developing Core Knowledge Science™ (CKSci), a comprehensive Science program for grades K–5. The CKSci units will be organized according to major Science topic areas in the Core Knowledge Sequence, such as Astronomy, Meteorology, Plant Structures and Processes, and many more.

Now Available: Knowledge Maps

We are happy to share with you the working draft Knowledge Maps that we are developing as conceptual blueprints for each planned CKSci unit.

Download CKSci Knowledge Maps
For each CKSci unit, the Knowledge Map:

Organizes content from the Core Knowledge Sequence.
Includes alignment information and rationale for addressing the relevant Next Generation Science Standards.
Articulates common misconceptions to support teachers as they help children overcome obstacles to understanding.
Lists recommended content objectives for student mastery.
Outlines several possible activities and assessment ideas for each domain of study.

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