RWM101: Foundations of Real World Math


Let’s start with fractions. Have fractions ever been bothersome to you? Do you think that there is no purpose for them? In this course, you will learn that fractions are all around us in the forms of measurement, ratios, and proportions-and we think you might change your tune on the subject. You will see how to solve those sometimes troubling fraction problems, like the ones that use 123 and 315, which don’t divide as evenly as you’d like. In case you’re not yet familiar with fractions, let’s offer a common every day example: a recipe for making chocolate chip cookies. You see a recipe that calls for 213 cups of flour, 34 cup of sugar, and 12 teaspoon of vanilla, and you need to make 212 the recipe amount. Each of these measurements involves fractions. If you want to make the right amount of cookies, you have to determine how much you need of each ingredient.