Robotizen: Kid learn Coding Robot 5+


Robotizen is the #1 learn to code program for kids 4-9! Robotizen teaches the basics of computer programming and robotic through a variety of interactive learning activities in a interesting story. Robotizen would help kids to improve their problem solving, logical thinking and creativity.


  • Kids learn key programming concepts such as sequence, command, condition, event, loop …
  • Curriculum developed based on collaboration with and research from MIT.
  • Kid learn basic concept of robotic.
  • Word-free. Anyone, anywhere can play.
  • Perfect for pre-readers, ELL students and kids with reading and focus-related challenges.


Robotizen is inspired by visual programming languages such as Scratch from MIT, Alice from Carnegie Mellon University and other ‘beginner’ programming languages like Logo, SmallTalk, and Squeak.Our word-free interface allows anyone, anywhere to play. Kids will master core computer science concepts such as pattern recognition, problem solving, sequencing, algorithmic thinking, debugging, loops and conditionals.

To be successful, kids need:

  • Determine the actions needed to solve each problem in story mode.
  • Order actions in a logical sequence
  • Recognize patterns
  • Use those patterns to make their code more efficient
  • Test solutions
  • Find issue from test result then fix and retest solutions to make it work
  • Optimize the solutions to have better result


Download is totally free. Robotizen is FREE for teachers, librarians, and verified non-profit educational institutions.

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Reviews of Robotizen: Kid learn Coding Robot 5+
Joel doesn't recommend this
Did not complete it
Student's grade: 1st
For: Hobby / just interested
Liked: Introduces concepts gently, reinforces well
Didn't like: Persistent typos, grammatical errors, unsolvable puzzle

My 6 year-old daughter played for a while and was enjoying it, but she got stuck on puzzle in the early stages and wasn't able to pass it. I tried it myself and had no idea how to pass it, so we gave up on it.

I would have overlooked all the typos if the puzzles were solvable!

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